Swansea bay

Swansea bay is a 5 mile stretch of beach starting from Swansea Marina and ending just before Mumbles. The beach is popular with walkers in the winter months and water sports enthusiasts (usually wind and land sailing) all year round. During the summer months, the beach is very popular with locals who use the beach to sunbathe and to swim in the sea.

Historically, Swansea bay is well known for its oyster trade. This trade generated jobs and wealth for the area up until 1930 when it was stopped due to overfishing and pollution. The main road running alongside the bay is named Oystermouth road as a mark of this past trade.

The beach is very accessible as the main road (Oystermouth road) runs right alongside it. There are car parks dotted alongside the beach, opposite st Helens rugby ground and just after Swansea University to name two. Usually in the summer months it is difficult to get a parking space in these car parks so parking in Swansea centre and walking to the beach is usually a good option.

One of the best features of this beach is the promenade that, like the main road, runs alongside the beach. The promenade starts just after Swansea Marina and carries on up to Mumbles. This is used by walkers, runners and cyclists. Alongside the promenade are exercise and adventure apparatus for runners and children.