Three cliffs bay

Perhaps the most famous of all Gower beaches. Three cliffs bay takes its name from the three limestone points on the sea cliff at the end of the bay. Around the cliff area and under the cliffs archway (an archway that runs right through the cliffs) are lots of rock pools, and like most rock pools they are full of sea life. This sea cliff is a prominent feature of the bay and is popular with rock climbers.

In the distance, upon the hillside lie the ruins of Pennard castle. The landscape views of Three cliffs bay from the castle can only be described as breathtaking. Not only will you be able to see the entire bay, you will be able to see the coast as it curves around towards Oxwich point.

Looking down from the castle, you will notice the river, turning into a stream as it meets the bay and then finally the sea. Like the limestone cliffs, this is another prominent feature of the bay.

Access to the beach can be gained from a variety of ways. Parking at Park mill, you will be able to walk through the woods and enter the bottom of three cliffs bay. Parking at Penmaen and walking down the sloping pathway towards the bay, you will come across the start of the stream that leads into the sea. Thankfully, there are stepping stones to cross this stream.

At low tide, three cliffs can be accessed by walking around from Pobbles beach or taking a longer walk from Oxwich bay. It must be noted, however that the tide here is dangerously strong and can catch people out very easily so swimming in and around three cliffs must be done with caution.